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Real Estate Blog Ideas to Try This Month

How often should you post content to your blog? Most my clients post at least once a week. Some strive to add content daily. That’s a big investment. Sometimes it’s hard to find real estate blog ideas that frequently.

If you want your investment to pay off, your content must be created for your target audience. Here are a few ideas for your real estate blog with tips for making posts your own.

How to Use These Real Estate Blog Ideas

When I write for clients, I start by trying to get in the heads of the people who buy from them. That’s where you should start too. What are home buyers and sellers worried about? What information are they looking for? Are there questions you hear frequently? Which parts of the buying and selling process are confusing to them?

View these pitches from their perspective. Then do the following:

  • Adjust titles. Add your location so the first suggestion reads “X Apps For Buying and Selling Your (insert town or region name here) Home.” Be creative.
  • Use the suggested resources to get an idea of what your post might look like, but add your own examples, insight and professional opinion. Show what makes you unique and how much you know your stuff.
  • Break text into sections that are 250 words or less. Use headings for each section, and when you upload to your website, don’t just make headings bold. Actually designate them [H2], [H3] etc. Email me if you’re not sure what that means, it’s important.
  • Aim to make each post at least 900 words long. Use active voice and vary sentence length, but keep most sentences less than 20 words long for improved readability.

The pitches below are to get your creative juices flowing, but online content must be original to count, both with people and search engines. If you want to hire a professional to write your content, get in touch. I’ll send you pitches no one has ever seen and write 100 percent original post ideas for your real estate blog.

Now For Your Real Estate Blog Ideas

Title: X Apps For Buying and Selling Your Home

Alt Title: Best Apps to Help You Find Your Next Home

Whether they’re looking for their next home or preparing to list their current one, most consumers want to use their smartphone.  Your post could provide a list of apps that can make the process easier. Some apps offer inspiration for home staging. Others give DIY advice for simple repairs. Around Me helps new residents get familiar with their neighborhood. A QR code reader helps users access information on real estate signs and listing brochures. HomeSnap lets users see what a home is worth just by taking a picture of it.

Title: Free Checklist For New Home Buyers

Alt. Title: Do These X Things Before You Start Your Home Search

When first time home buyers start thinking of owning a home, they have a lot of questions. How do they figure out their price range? What will they need to get approved for a home loan? When they start their search, how will they know which home is the best fit? Use this post to provide a checklist of things new homeowners can do to prepare for their first home purchase, how to avoid common mistakes and how a realtor (you) can help find the best homes in their price range.

real estate blog ideas

(Note: This photo is a free download on Pixabay. Just type in “house for sale” and scroll until you find it.)

Title: How to Find a Fixer-Upper That Actually Saves You Money

Alt. Title: Tips for Saving When You Renovate a Fixer-Upper

Sometimes if a home needs work, handy buyers can pick it up at a reduced price. The trick is knowing when doing the work will save you money and when it will cost more to fix problems than to buy one that’s already in good shape. This post might tell buyers how to tell if a house that needs work is right for them. Some suggestions could include pricing repairs before making an offer, checking on permits and hiring a structural engineer if necessary.


Title: How do Rising Interest Rates Affect the Housing Market?

Alt. Title: How Interest Rates Affect Your Next Mortgage

When interest rates fall, property values often increase. When they go up, it costs more to borrow so buyers have less to spend on their monthly payment. The Federal Reserve recently raised interest rates by a quarter of a point and says there are more hikes in the future. Some experts think it will have a negative effect on the housing market. Others think it may actually improve home sales. This post will look at both viewpoints to help home buyers evaluate their options.

Title: X Benefits of Buying Instead of Renting

Alt. Title: How to Decide if You Should Buy Instead of Rent

According to NAR’s Home Buyer and Seller Generational trend study, Millennials were the largest group of home buyers in 2017. The oldest of this generation are entering their mid-thirties, and they’re ready to enter the housing market. However, as home prices continue to rise, many of them are still on the fence. Your post might compare the benefits of owning a home to renting. Buying brings with it tax credits, puts homeowners in charge of energy efficiency and allows them to customize their space.

Hire a Writer

Your job really isn’t to write content. It’s to help people buy and sell homes. If the thought of creating a blog post every week or every day makes you cringe, you’re not alone. Content creation is one of the most frequently outsourced marketing activities because most people just don’t have the time. I’ll send you completely original pitches for free. When you approve them, I’ll write them for your agency. Email missy@contentbymissy, fill out my contact form or call (903)316-9139 to find out more.

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