7 Digital Marketing Blog Ideas for June

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Digital Marketing Blog Ideas

Is your digital marketing agency’s blog nonexistent or only occasionally updated? If so, it’s probably because you’re too busy growing your business to sit down and generate digital marketing blog ideas. Or you may just be better at graphic design, branding, social media marketing and web design than you are at writing content.

Here are a few ideas for generating blog posts on current topics. If you skim this list and realize you probably still won’t get to creating articles for your site, get in touch. I’ll do it for you.

Post original, keyword-rich content under your name. Engage your target audience. Wow your mom all without spending hours or days at the keyboard.

How to Use These Digital Marketing Blog Ideas

You already know content has to be original, so obviously you need to make these digital marketing blog ideas your own. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Add your location or change words in titles. For example, change #7 to “X Signs You Should Avoid That Tyler Digital Marketing Agency.” Or use synonyms (errors instead of mistakes, red flags instead of warning signs etc.)
  • Skim all the sources and pick one or two things that stand out in each. Write those down and use them to compose your headings. Then create a section on each infused with your own insight.
  • Don’t forget all the on-page SEO tips you use for clients. Think about the searcher and write for them. Write compelling meta descriptions. Use keywords in your ALT text.
  • Aim for a length between 900 and 2,000 words.
  • Link to other posts on your site and to the external sources you use.

Now for your ideas…

Hot Topics and Blog Ideas For Digital Marketers

Title: Will There Be an American GDPR?

Alt. Title: State Privacy Initiatives That Could Lead to GDPR for US?

A ballot measure in California has more than double the number of signatures it needs for a vote in November. The measure would make it possible for consumers to have greater control over their data. In April after Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testified before the Senate, two Senators introduced a Privacy Bill of Rights that would put consumers back in control of their personal information. This post could give an overview of the two pieces of legislation. It also might tell how approval could impact marketing and business groups.



Title: Understanding the Data Dilemma

Alt. Title: Seeing the Humans Behind the Data

Data collection started with businesses who wanted to connect with consumers to increase sales. In the beginning it gathered statistics about consumers as a whole. As technology has become more sophisticated, companies have gained the ability to be more precise, more targeted. That’s good for sales and great for identifying your target audience. The problem is, there are people behind those numbers. Those people aren’t always aware of the data they’re giving out, where it goes or how it’s used. This post might explain how we got here. Then it should suggest how companies can find a balance between automatic data gathering and human interaction.

Sources include info from:




Title: Responsive Web Design is Not Enough — What You Need for SERP Success

Alt. Title: Why a Responsive Website Alone Won’t Get SERP Results

Mobile first indexing means Google crawls websites with a mobile user agent. It assigns search engine results page ranking based on the mobile version of page content. Responsive design makes content accessible on any device, but it isn’t all businesses need for SERP success. This post should  explain mobile first indexing. Then it might discuss on-page SEO, internal link structure, load speed, site configuration and other factors vital to success. Finish by highlighting how your agency provides those elements.


Title: The Inbound Lead Generation Trifecta

Alt. Title: Three Must-Haves for Inbound Lead Generation

Inbound marketing brings clients to you. It requires SEO, business content creation and social media promotion of your brand. When you combine the three, you get a lead-generating machine. This post could explain the basics of on-page and off-page SEO strategy, the importance of blogging and other content and how social media sharing creates word of mouth referrals.


From searchengineland

From Moz

Title: X Mistakes that Make Your Brand Blend

Alt. Title: Skyrocket Brand Awareness When You Stop Making These X Mistakes

If there’s not something that makes your organization unique, people have no reason to buy from you. Many companies have incredible culture, innovation and value, but they don’t use their strengths to stand out. This post could focus on services your agency provides and share common mistakes. For example, mistakes might include thinking a logo isn’t important, having cousin Joe design their website from a template and ordering business cards from VistaPrint. Or it could tackle strategy issues like being inconsistent on different platforms, rebranding just because a competitor did or failing to develop a buyer persona.


from hubspot

from startupgrind

Beginner Knowledge Posts

These digital marketing blog ideas target potential clients who are in the information gathering stage.

Title: What’s the Difference Between UX and UI?

Alt. Title: Understanding UX vs. UI

When entrepreneurs hire a designer to create their website, sometimes the acronyms they hear during the design process  cause confusion. UX and UI sound so similar it can be hard to understand what each term really means. While both terms are related, they aren’t the same thing. This post could explain to the beginner the difference between user experience design and user interface design. It will also explain some of the key responsibilities of a user interface designer compared to those of someone responsible for designing for the user experience.


From careerfoundry


Title: Watch for These X Warning Signs When Shopping for a Digital Marketing Agency

Alt. Title: X Signs You Should Avoid That Digital Marketing Agency

When business owners start searching for a digital marketing agency, they have a lot of choices. Since work can be done remotely, they are no longer limited by geography, and the sheer number of possibilities can be overwhelming. Sometimes there are clear indicators an agency will not be a good fit. Poor communication creates marketing disasters. A lack of transparency indicates an agency might not be as successful as they seem. Businesses that claim to have a secret ingredient for success are often making promises they can’t keep, since digital marketing success depends on long-term experience, keen insight and hard work.


From Forbes


Hire a Writer

Get a quick turnaround on thoroughly researched, carefully edited and 100 percent original content. I’ll generate ideas or you can tell me what you’d like to see. Original pitches are always free, and I’m not going to use these in anything I create for clients. Email missy@contentbymissy.com, call me at (903)316-9139 or fill out my contact form today and have it in your inbox by Monday.

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