8 Blog Post Ideas For Wedding Venue

wedding blog ideas
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Blog Ideas for Your Wedding Venue

If you have an event venue, weddings are likely a large part of your business. Blogging is a great way to connect with the people looking for what you offer, but when you’re busy growing your business, organizing events and dealing with the challenges that inevitably come up, you might not have much time for content creation. Here are a few ideas.

Tips for Making Wedding Blog Content Ideas Your Own

I’m posting this where the whole universe can see it, so your venue isn’t the only one with access. Search engines and people don’t like duplicate content. Follow these tips for successful posting.

Be creative with titles. The ones listed are suggestions to get you started. Add the name of your town or region. Change words to reach your audience.

The sources listed will suggest ideas for content, but don’t copy them word for word.

Use unique images and label them with ALT text. If you’re optimizing for local and the photo is something from your venue, include your location in the tag.

Break your post up into sections no more than 250 words each. Use headings to tell what each section is about.

Make each post about your target audience, not a sales pitch for your venue. Your focus should be to help them have the perfect wedding day.

Include a call to action. Encourage them to get in touch, schedule a tour of your venue, book a date, whatever it is you want them to do. Make it super easy for them to follow up by linking to your contact form or reservation landing page.

I don’t know who said it first, but here in Texas we say you can use my ingredients, just make your own chili. Now let’s get to your ideas.

Ideas for Your Wedding Venue Blog

Title: Try These X Gorgeous Lake Wedding Ideas

Alt Title: Your Wedding + Our Water Feature = Gorgeous Event

Some brides want water as their wedding-day backdrop, but they don’t live near an ocean and a destination wedding just isn’t in the budget. A lake wedding is full of romance any season, but especially during fall when the lake reflects both warm sunlight and fall foliage. It only takes glancing through a few photos to see how the event can come together. This post might give ideas like using floating luminaries during the reception, letting guests write messages on wooden oars, and serving food and drinks in canoes.

Title: How to Keep Rain from Ruining Your Wedding

Alt. Title: What to Do When It Rains On Your Wedding Day

Rain on your wedding day isn’t ironic, but it doesn’t have to completely ruin your day. Sometimes the most elaborately planned outdoor weddings have been disrupted by weather. Some outdoor venues have facilities in case you need to move things inside, but even if yours doesn’t, there are still ways to salvage the day. Rain provides unique opportunities for wedding photos like one with the bride and groom carrying wedding parasols or if bridesmaids carry umbrellas that match their dresses. This post could suggest how your venue provides a backup plan. It also could explain how brides can protect their dress from rain, help guests stay comfortable and communicate with caterers in the event of bad weather.

Title: How to Handle Bridesmaid Drama Without Strangling Your Best Friend

Alt. Title: Keep Bridesmaid Squabbles from Spoiling Your Wedding With These X Tips

You asked your closest friends and relatives to be your bridesmaids, but sometimes they don’t get along. It would be nice if they would set personal problems aside so you can enjoy your special day, but that doesn’t always happen. This post should advise what to do when the claws come out. Brides should avoid taking it personally, keep from picking sides, and listen when friends just need to vent. If things go too far, a heart to heart may be necessary to get everyone back on the same page.

Title: X Tips For Fall Wedding Makeup

Alt. Title: Fall Wedding Makeup that Flatters Any Face

Spring weddings often use soft pastels for the wedding party and décor, making nudes and soft hues perfect for the bride’s cosmetics. In contrast, fall weddings generally feature bold, dramatic colors like crimson, emerald, amethyst and gold. A dramatic palate can keep brides from looking washed out next to more vivid colors. This post might suggest the best fall tints for eyes, lips and nails and tell what products brides can use to look their best. Repeat for each season as they occur.

wedding venue blog

More Blog Post Ideas for Your Wedding Venue

Title: X Romantic Fall Rehearsal Dinners (Spring, Summer, Winter etc.)

Alt. Title: How To Plan A Fall Themed Rehearsal Dinner

If you’re planning a fall wedding, chances are you plan to incorporate seasonal colors and themes into the main event. Why not use the season’s best offerings at your rehearsal dinner as well? This post could suggest ideas for using fall’s beauty to create romance and drama the night before your wedding. Consider a backyard event with elements like a cocktail bar in a rustic wooden wagon and tiny painted pumpkin holders for place cards. Invite guests to wear warm flannel shirts and boots for a casual, comfortable feel or wrap up in a faux fur stole to glam it up. Offer a candy apple dessert bar with fixings guests can add themselves.

Title: DIY Fall (Spring, Summer etc.)Centerpieces for Your Wedding Reception

Alt. Title: X Fall Centerpieces You Can Make Yourself

Weddings are expensive, and flowers are a major part of the expense. Fall offers flowers and natural elements that are easy to arrange, even if you don’t have much experience. Crafty brides can save money and add a personal touch to wedding reception tables by assembling centerpieces themselves. This post should present several centerpieces that look effortlessly beautiful and suggest involving bridesmaids in the fun to create decorations without causing undue stress.

Title: What Wedding Dress Style Best Fits Your Personality?

Alt. Title: How to Choose The Dress That’s Uniquely You

Every girl might dream of her wedding day, but not every girl knows exactly what she wants to wear. It can be overwhelming to walk into a bridal store and see rows and rows of white lace, tulle and satin. Wedding dresses are so different from what women wear in their everyday lives it may be hard to know where to start. It’s a good idea for women to have an idea of their bridal style before they wear themselves out trying on dresses that don’t suit their personality. Brides-to-be can take online quizzes to narrow down what types of dresses they might like. The Myers Briggs personality test also helps determine suitable styles. Whether you’re traditional, free spirited or a hopeless romantic, find out how to choose the dress that’s right for you.

Title: Managing Blended Families At Your Wedding

Alt. Title: How to Honor Both Sets of Parents At Your Wedding

What do you do when one or both of your parents has remarried? How do you avoid hurt feelings when stepparents and parents are all in the same place? What if you want your dad to give you away, but you’re also close to your stepfather? What if your stepmother is truly wicked but you have to put up with her at your event? This post could cover some of the common issues when blended families attend the same event and suggest ways to help everyone celebrate your marriage without causing any misunderstandings.

Hire a Writer

If you don’t have time, you can still experience the benefits of content marketing. I’ll send free pitches with blog post ideas for wedding venues no one has ever seen before and write content unique to your business. Get in touch to receive a quote or hire a writer today.

wedding blog ideas

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