How Content by Missy Helps Grow Your Business

Why hire a writer? Because the right content gets the results you want.

Because you already have more to do in a day than most people. Writing doesn’t have to be just one more thing. Top-notch material brings users to your site. This grows your business in two ways:

First, it improves sales. Users appreciate that you provide them with what they were looking for. They develop trust for your brand, so when they need products or services, they buy from you.

Second, it helps your website rank higher with search engines. When your content is engaging, they stay on your website to read it. Longer dwell time indicates to Google and Bing your site is the one users love. Keyword rich content tells search engines what your pages are about and further improves results.

Have you ever stared at a blank screen frustrated because you know what you want to say, but it’s hard to start? The best copy is easy to read and provides straightforward information. Writing it is hard.

Whether you hire a writer or create your own material, it takes time and money. To reap the SEO and bottom line benefits you need to know how to format that information. Content by Missy does the following:

  • Get to know your business to provide the tone and values that reflect your brand
  • Research the keywords that resonate with your audience
  • Create high-quality, useful information that shows the value of your product or services
  • Suggest trending topics related to your business
  • Sprinkle each document with information irresistible to search engines

What are your options?

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