Hire a Content Developer Who Knows East Texas

What if your advertising could explain to your customers everything that makes your business great?

What if instead of wasting your dollars on intrusive advertising, you had content they begged for?

The thing that thrills me is to get to know each company’s voice, their strengths, their value and to write it into the neat little packages their customers crave.

Creativity Makes Me Happy

I’ve always written, whether it was science testing material for Mentoring Minds, lunchbox print for Devotionables, or handwriting and math curriculum for education.

If you want your advertising and site content to communicate the heartof your business but don’t have the time, that’s what I do best.

Hire A Writer — When You Need One

One of the best things about my job is that every day provides a new advertising challenge. Here are a few examples of assignments I might work on in the course of a week:

  • Six 500 word posts for a Christian entertainment provider about homeschooling, family values, Bible verses and entertainment technology
  • A 2,500 word e-book for a logistics software company on topics like international shipping security or improving container visibility
  • 50 brief social media blurbs for a jeweler, each with a compelling call to action
  • Webpage content for a local gym creating a new site
  • Email marketing for a law office to develop relationships with existing clients

Find Out More…

Contact Missy to find out how easy and affordable it is to hire a writer and get custom content for your business.