Frequently Asked Questions About Content Marketing


The past few weeks, I’ve been emailing East Texas businesses about adding content marketing to their current promotional strategies. I hear the same questions repeated, and I’ll save the one that surprised me for last.


What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing involves writing articles, eBooks, whitepapers, guides and blog posts to drive sales. It could also involve videos, infographics, podcasts or any other format you use to provide information that interests your target audience.

Can I copy content from somewhere else?

A lot of East Texas businesses seem to be doing this. Even if you have permission to cut and paste, if content is located somewhere else on the web, it doesn’t help you to use it on your website. Google assigns the lowest rating possible to your page if all or almost all of the page is copied, even if you credit the original source.

You’re not penalized, but your post goes down at the bottom with all the other people who copied. Google’s manual is available here, with that information on page 40.

Why does it work?

People hate ads. Try to give them something free and most the time they’ll walk away because they don’t trust you not to try and make them do something they don’t want to.

People love on-demand information and personalized interaction. Content marketing provides both.

Your clients search for what they want online. Content marketing allows you to target keywords your audience is looking for and produce it in a format that’s shareable for a wider reach.

It’s also inexpensive, so your organization can afford to do more of it.

Does it replace other types of marketing?

Unfortunately, no. You still need to tell the public what products and services you offer online and in public. What you offer still has to be to be top notch, your community presence still matters and a segment of your audience might shy away from technology.

Is it a fad or a lasting investment?

If you’re dedicated to regularly providing your clients with carefully crafted content, you’ll receive valuable leads, increased web traffic, greater customer loyalty and improved sales.

However, businesses know that, so your competitor may be starting to invest in content too. The internet becomes more saturated daily, so the sooner you start, the better.

The good news is, many East Texas businesses are just getting started. Jump in now to be at the front of the pack. If you commit, you invest in more clients and a greater web presence.

How often should I post?

As often as possible, and definitely more than your competition. One statistic says businesses that blog 15 times a month receive five times the traffic of their non-blogging competitors. Even posting just once a month can result in 70 percent more leads than a company that has no content marketing.

What can Content by Missy do for me you’re not already doing for a competitor?

I’ve been surprised how many times business owners have asked me that question lately, but it makes sense. If you sell widgets, and I write top-notch content for both you and your widget-making competitor, isn’t everyone just reading the same material twice?

I charge by the word, and my rates are the same for every client. Everything I create is original and tailored for you. If I already write for a local competitor on a regular basis, I’ll tell you up front. I work for businesses across the United States, so while I work for many clients in the same industry, they’re not competitors in the same geographic region.

When your business is committed to using content marketing to stand out, I can help you achieve your goals. Believe me, your competitors don’t stand a chance. Let’s talk today.

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