How to Write A Blog for Your Business

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How to Write a Blog Post

No one knows your clients like you do. If you have time to write your own blog posts, it can bring you more quality leads and strengthen your relationship with your most loyal customers. It’s also something to share on social media people will appreciate as you being helpful, not just trying to sell them something.

If you don’t have that kind of time, get in touch and we’ll talk about how I can do it for you. Here’s how to write blog posts that keep the user engaged and improve your ranking with search engines.

How to Write a Blog – First Steps

Start with your target audience. Think about what matters to them or what they’re most likely to search for that’s related to your products and services. Choose one single focus for your blog post and write that down. This post is for people who want to write their own content but aren’t sure how.

Brainstorm words people might use. These are your keywords. For example, in this post, I’m hoping to reach people who search for terms like, “How to write your own blog,” or “How to write a blog.”

Writing a Blog That Ranks With Search Engines

First, you can’t steal content from other people. Duplicate content doesn’t help your search engine ranking and it damages user trust. Scraped content could get you penalized.

Write your draft without worrying about the format. Just concentrate on communicating the information. Use your software to check for spelling, grammar and punctuation. Then comes the details that make all the difference:

  • Use headings. Break content into chunks and make each heading descriptive of what’s in the text. Readers fell like it’s an easy read and search engines use headers to identify what’s on the page.
  • Break lists into bullet points. Again, it makes content readable.
  • Use your keywords in headings.
  • Write a title that tells what’s on the page. Don’t get creative unless you already have a huge audience. Use keywords here too for best results.
  • Make your content at least 300 words long, but longer is better. Search engines like between 1,000 and 3,000 words.
  • Use at least one image. When you upload it to your CMS, use an alt tag on your image that is related to your topic.
  • Write your own irresistible Meta description so users pick you.

How to Get People to Read Your Blog

Don’t just upload content to your website. Share it on social media to get it in front of the people who are already interested in you. Consider boosting your post to get it in front of a wider audience.

Track views, comments, likes and shares on your social media dashboards. Glean information from there about what users are interested in and use that to write future content.

Blogging When You Don’t Have Time

Most East Texas business owners know content marketing can make a huge difference in online traffic and in-store sales, but they’re too busy. If that’s you, let me do it for you.

Plus, much of what I do is ghost writing, so you still get credit.

I have experience in a range of industries across the U.S. and references from business owners right here in Tyler. Get in touch and I’ll stop by for a visit today.

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