Solid Proof Content Makes a Difference for Business

Why should people pay me to write online content for their website? I’m not going to go on about how a blog draws users like kids to candy. I won’t cite statistics on how pages with long form content rank higher with search engines. I’ll get right to the point with a real-life example.

First Blog Post Puts Business at #1

An East Texas roofing company recently had their website redesigned, and at the same time they hired me to provide blog posts. I met with the owner and we talked about what areas they would like to reach and what type of material he wanted to feature on his page. After I supplied a list of titles for his review, he picked what he wanted me to write.

I provided meta descriptions, titles and headers optimized for search engines, but I wrote the posts for use by actual people in East Texas.

A few days later, I emailed him his posts. He uploaded the first one a few days ago to their website and intends to post one a week until he has used them all.

Right now there’s only one post in his whole entire blog.

Let’s say you’re in Lindale, Whitehouse or Bullard. Your roof is old and it starts to leak. You’ve never had to deal with roof repair before, so you turn to the internet. You Google, “How to hire the best East Texas roofing contractor.” Guess what pops up?


They’re at the very top. They rank above their competitor in local search results. From one blog post.

But Wait, There’s More

I thought number one in East Texas was pretty great, but they also have locations in Dallas. I typed the same query into Google, instead asking how to hire the best roofing contractor there. Here’s what I saw.



Dallas is huge. Still, I thought I’d see how they ranked for their home office in Tyler. Results were similar.



One professionally written blog post put them at the top on three separate searches.

As the company continues to post what they’ve already purchased, they’ll rank for more search terms. In a few weeks you’ll see that roofing company when you search for topics like “commercial roofing maintenance,” “roofing repair after a storm,” or as questions like, “how does my roof affect my home’s resale value?”

Advantage Roofing supplied the information. The owner knows his target audience and his market. They invested in having the content they wanted to present written by a professional, and the choice is getting them in front of more potential clients.

If you want the same for your business, I’m just an email away. Find out how affordable it is when you contact Content by Missy today.

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