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Web Content that Makes You Money

Content is king. If you’re just starting to research the benefits of web content, you might not yet realize how important the right material is for your website. 

Google rewards excellent web content with better search engine ranking. A higher ranking page isn’t the only reason you need it though. Engaging text makes you money because it reaches the people looking for you. For example, clients have purchased content to rank for terms like Tyler Tx Home Builder or parking lot striping near me.

Invest in web content to show your authority in your area. Establish trust with people and search engines. Show up ahead of your competitors and watch your business grow.

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What is Web Content?

Web content is all the elements on your page that communicate with and engage your audience. One expert said it’s “the stuff in your Web site.” Here are a few examples:

  • Text
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Animations
  • Audio files like podcasts

Consumers use the internet primarily for entertainment, research and shopping. Website content tells search engines what you do or sell. It also gives consumers what they’re looking for. Instead of chasing after leads, carefully created web content brings them to you.

4 Reasons You Need Strong Web Content

Great for SEO

High-quality, unique content on your website pages and blog articles have a huge impact on search engine rankings. A higher ranking exposes you to more of the people looking for you.

Encourages Leads

Great content spotlights your best products and services. Because you rank at the top, people encounter your brand that might never have found you. Great content also gets shared for more exposure.

Boost Engagement

Great content keeps people on your website longer. It also keeps them coming back for more. Search engines take note.


Use website content to show what's so great about your brand and how to get the most out of what you offer. Respond to common questions. Show how your brand is active in the community. Offer customer support and extreme value.

6 Rules For Writing Web Content


Study Your Audience

Gather data on your best customers, then study it until you know them inside and out. What do they want most? What causes them pain? Where do they hang out online and in person?

Make It Readable

You’re a pro at what you do, but the consumers reading your web content probably aren’t. Stay away from jargon. Keep sections short. Use bullet points and illustrations.

Get To The Point

Once someone clicks your link, you have literally milliseconds for your website content to convince them to stay. Make it obvious what they’re looking for is there. Then give it to them. Long content is good, but they shouldn’t have to read everything to find what they seek.

Think Past the Page

Don’t assume visitors start with your Home page every time because they don’t. Write engaging meta descriptions and page titles to get them there in the first place. Ensure navigation is easy no matter where they begin.

Help Readers Scan

You probably haven’t read all the words on this page. You used headings, titles and photos to find what you wanted. Good web content makes it easy.

One Topic at a Time

Identify the topics that matter and the keywords that relate to them. Then build the best web content you can for each one. If you want to be in the number one spot, you have to have the very best webpage content.

Hire a Writer for Web Content

Website Content That Gets Results

Hire a writer you can talk to on the phone…one who responds quickly to texts and emails. Get the web content that creates growth, the content you would have written yourself if you had the time. Experience the difference when you send me a message now.